6th Kaplan Workshop

On behalf of  The Fredy & Nadine Herrmann Institute of Earth Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem we are pleased to present the fifth Kaplan Workshop. This series of exciting workshops in environmental geochemistry was made possible by a generous donation from Ian R. and Helen Kaplan.

Ian has been a teacher, a colleague and a friend of our institute for many years. Ian’s first encounter with the Department of Geology at the Hebrew University (later to become part of the Institute of Earth Sciences) was during his stay in Jerusalem in 1962-1965 as a Jacob Ziskind Visiting Scholar and Guest Lecturer at the Department of Microbial Chemistry. It was at this time that students and faculty members at the Hebrew University were first exposed to the then emerging science of Biogeochemistry by one of its early leaders. The continuing contacts of Ian with Israeli science were primarily via his training a sequence of graduate students and post-docs from Israel in various aspects of low-temperature geochemistry. The Israeli graduates of the “Kaplan Group” on the fifth floor of Slichter Hall at UCLA returned to several Israeli universities, the Geological Survey, and industry. Ian’s ties with the Hebrew University have never ceased. He is constantly there for many of us, always generous with mentoring and sound scientific advice. It goes without saying that these are but a small part of his achievements as a scientist and mentor. His contributions are many. His students are spread around the world.

The Kaplan Conference is an intimate workshop that includes lectures by invited speakers, short field trips and poster presentations. The conference constitutes a platform informal acquaintance for future collaboration.

This year we will focus on the different models that describes the behavior of trace elements and stable isotopes from the core through the mantle up to the crust and the oceans. We’ll try to link the different models and the field observations.

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