Posters and Abstracts

  • Shaked Gelband Dotan: Geochemistry of the Tortonian-Messinian dolomite rocks from the Bira and Gesher Formations in the lower Galilee
  • Burstyn Yuval: Controls on the incorporation of Mg and Sr into modern speleothems in Soreq Cave, Israel
  • Weber Nurit: Geochemical tracing of the history of the En Qedem brine: from its intrusion into the mountain aquifers ~85 kyr ago to its Holocene discharge
  • Fuchs Rita: Sr isotopes and trace elements in brachiopod and bivalve shells from the northern Apennines as clues to the composition of seawater during the late Pliocene-Pleistocene transition
  • Hauzer Hagar: Reconstructing past ocean-chemistry using sodium in foraminiferal shells
  • Reiss Amit: The morphology of gypsum precipitated under hyper-saline conditions. Results from Dead Sea – Red Sea mixtures.
  • Katzir Yaron: Rare earth element evolution and migration in plagiogranites: A view from epidote of the Troodos ophiolite
  • Elisha Bar: Trace-element partitioning in monazite during regional metamorphism: examples from northernmost Arabian-Nubian Shield
  • Levy Elan: Paleolimnological and redox conditions over the Last Glacial Dead Sea from deep ICDP cores pore fluid records
  • Golan Tzahi: Rutile (U-Th)/He thermochronology constrains the initial emplacement of the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus
  • Levin Asaf: Cathodoluminescence in calcite cements and its relation to trace element distribution
  • Eliyahu Amit: Metallogenesis of sediment-hosted stratiform copper mineralization within the Timna-Faynan southern basin-margins, northern Arabian-Nubian Shield, South Israel and Jordan
  • Fox Stephen: Mixing of magmas in Timna
  • Sade Ziv: Kinetic fractionation of oxygen isotopes during CO2(aq) (de)hydration and (de)hydroxylation: Revisiting theoretical and experimental data
  • Yanchilina Anastasia: Elevated biological productivity triggered by reconnection of the Black Sea with the Mediterranean: evidence from X-Ray Fluorescence, stable isotopes, and trace elements
  • Barkan Yigal: Relating The δ34S of Carbonate Associated Sulfate to Solution Composition and Precipitation Rate
  • Jacobson Yitzhak: Millennial Environmental and Climate Variability Across the Mediterranean Basin From Vermetid Reefs
  • Schneider-Mor Aya: Phosphate deposition conditions prevailing during the Late Cretaceous in the southern Tethys productivity belt.